Santa Claus and the Magic of Christmas!

Experience the enchantment of Christmas with Santa Claus! 

We invite you to join us at Santa's Secret Cabin and its festive surroundings. Follow the glowing lanterns that illuminate the path to Santa's Christmas realm. 

Enjoy a guided tour of Santa's secret cabin and the charming yard, with its cozy old buildings, and if you're fortunate, catch a glimpse of some playful Elves. Delve into captivating stories about the birth of the Elves and their bustling workshop.

As the journey unfolds, step inside Santa's Secret Cabin to meet Mr. and Mrs. Santa. Mrs. Santa will share heartwarming Christmas tales while treating you to a cozy Christmas beverage and homemade gingerbread cookies crafted with care. 

Private visit with Santa, family by family and program running for a few families at the time.